None of you will truly understand how lonely I am.

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So today at work two really immature males decided that it would be funny to make a stupid comment when Lou and I walked in the breskroom after coming back getting some food. They thought that it would be funny to say that it smelled like sex and shame.. first of all sweety it would have taken us…

🙋 that’d be me here guys. I know how much you love following these types of posts and what’s going on in someone’s personal life

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What 👅 time 👅 does 👅 the 👅 next 👅 bus 👅 leave 👅 to 👅 bikini 👅 bottom 👅

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Saint Johnathan

I’m constantly connected to the word “humble” and how my attitude reflects the world around me. For an individual that works two jobs, I’m not one to complain about how tired I may be or how hard life is. I was raised under the impression of having to earn what I want and that working hard will get me to the places I want. Those words spoken by my mother is what gets me up in the morning at this point because nothing much else does anymore. The older I get, the more I grow into her. I’m tolerating people less and less to where I just want to be alone for extended periods of time, even if it isolates me more than I am. In all honesty, being at both Nike and WP has me essentially alone for 18 hours of the day. One of those places has try to use me up to nothing, but I just can not let myself succumb to this company’s pitfall. I mean hell, I get more anonymous questions about myself asked to someone who isn’t me (😂)

I’m a lonely person. There’s no hiding it. Yes I have friends and associates but none of which are with me for extended periods of time. Tracing back to her passing a few years ago, my mother knew I could carry on by my own, and she left me knowing that I was ready for the world. She showed me what I’m capable and I soldier on with carrying it out for not just her, but myself. So how do I handle it?

All I know is that I have my inner peace fighting with anger, frustration, disappointment, animosity, jealousy and hate but I am forever guided by a calming spirit that I will not let go of.

"When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”-Paul McCartney

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My mother would have loved this photo #DisneyMagic

My mother would have loved this photo #DisneyMagic

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My mother would have loved this photo #DisneyMagic

My mother would have loved this photo #DisneyMagic

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battlestudiess said: No! Not when it comes to sour patch kids! That's my weakness and you guys ruin it 💔

So wait, why are you blaming me for this? It wasn’t just me 😒

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battlestudiess said: Well it didn't bring happiness to me 😒 you guys finished my favorite candy

You brought happiness to others. That should count for something

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